Restrooms / Facilities Closed for Winter

Snack Bars and Wet Playgrounds are closed at all parks for the winter.

Restrooms & Water Fountains are closed for the season at the following parks: 

  • Armleder Park: Water fountains
  • Avoca Park: Water fountains & restrooms
  • Embshoff Woods: all restrooms
  • Fernbank Park: Playground & Riverview restrooms
  • Francis RecreAcres: Restrooms & water fountain
  • Lake Isabella: Boathouse water fountain
  • Miami Whitewater Forest: Big Sycamore, Bowles Woods, Timberlakes, Campground Shower Building restrooms; New Haven, Baughman, and Harbor Playground drinking fountains.
  • Mitchell Memorial Forest: Water fountains & restrooms
  • Sharon Woods: Harbor, Lakeside Lodge & Stonebridge water fountains; Harbor, Stonebridge, Council Bluff/Fern Hollow, Great Meadow/Lone Oak restrooms
  • Shawnee Lookout: Cabin View, Cedar Bend restrooms; Cedar Bend water fountain; spigot at Waterhole Meadow
  • Triple Creek: Water fountain & restrooms.
  • Winton Woods: Chery Hill, Orchard Area, Beech Grove, Daly Hill, Sweetgum/ Owl Overlook, Redbird restrooms; 
  • Corbett, McKelvey Road, Adventure Outpost, Parky’s Farm water fountains
  • Woodland Mound: Juneberry restroom, Weston water fountain)