Great Parks of Hamilton County

Bird Seed Sale

Bird Seed Options

Bird Seed
20 lbs.Gourmet Mix$18.36
25 lbs.Premium Mix$19.95
25 lbs.Safflower$28.75
25 lbs.Stripe Sunflower$26.95
25 lbs.Oil Sunflower$24.95
25 lbs.Nyjer (thistle)$33.75
5 lbs.Nyjer (thistle)$6.75

Bird Seed Mix Contents

Gourmet Mix:
68% oil sunflower
30% cracked corn
2% peanut pieces

Premium Mix:
33% oil sunflower
30% cracked corn
35% large white proso millet
2% peanut pieces

Have more feathered fledglings visit your backyard. Stock up during Great Parks’ Annual Bird seed sale to attract new friends of flight!

Orders of $50 or more will receive one complimentary suet cake.


September 1–October 14


Saturday, October 19

Pickup Locations

Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve | 10 a.m.–2 p.m.
3455 Poole Road
Cincinnati, OH 45251

Order Online

Woodland Mound | 11 a.m.–2 p.m.
8250 Old Kellogg Road
Cincinnati, OH 45255

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