Get Wild After Dark

Big Lands at Night

Get wild after dark with an immersive night time experience that sparks curiosity and inspiration.

  • Starry night sky


    Stargazing is better far away from the city lights!

    >Whether you come equipped with your own telescopes and binoculars or with eyes wide open, you’re sure to have a new perspective of the universe when you can actually see it.


    Novices and pros alike can get expansive dark sky views at Woodland Mound and Miami Whitewater Forest.

  • full moon at dusk

    Night Hikes

    Take a night hike with your neighbors!

    The sights and sounds of the natural world are different after dark, so go solo or bring a group to disconnect from blue lights and reconnect with shadowy (but not scary!) sights.


    Night can mean pre-dusk — when the forest first comes alive with nocturnal noises, or footsteps by moonlight when your innate senses awaken.

  • marshmallows being roasted over a campfire

    Sleep under the stars

    Fire pits, s’mores, and stories – oh my!

    Tuck yourself into wide-open wellness with a camping trip that captivates and slows time for a guaranteed great time with friends or family.


    Return to a primitive state of mind with any of our three immersive campground experiences — tent, RV, or group.