Start Your Off-Land Life at the Harbor

Wide Open Water

Explore boundless stretches of open water as you engage with the source of life.

  • Sharon Woods Boathouse

    Organized Pursuits

    Start your off-land life at the harbor!

    Water activities are calling you to come out and engage with our fleet of boats — from motorized to manual, start with a lesson or jump right into a rental and set sail.


    Explore any of our three harbors at Sharon Woods, Winton Woods or Miami Whitewater Forest to cast a line, play along the edge habitats, or enjoy a day’s worth of lakeside wonder.

    Ask about how to choose from the variety of boats available: kayak, canoe, row boat, pontoon boats or pedal boats — we’ll be sure to send you off safely with confidence.

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  • Canoer on foggy lake

    Blueway your way

    Bring your own vessel and plan your pace!

    If you are lucky enough to have your own watercraft or flotation device, the options for self-paced activities along our region’s blueways open up.


    With four blueways (just like a hiking trail, but on water!) — our destinations boast 100+ miles of river corridor and 1,000+ acres of waterfront land, so you can find ample access points. Try Woodland Mound’s Steamboat Bend to access the Ohio Blueway. Lake Isabella offers double the fun with pay-lake fishing on one side and access to the Little Miami Blueway on the other. Venture to Campbell Lakes to access the Whitewater Blueway through a chain of waterways. Or, for no-fuss family fun, try the fan favorite — Bass Island for a lazing tubing or half-day kayak trip.

  • low angle view of a creek

    Shallow surprises

    Find life in the smaller bodies of water!

    Water seekers aren’t always looking for thrills, so we’ve got something for the chill ones too — center yourself by a creek, at a pond’s edge or near a lakeside cove.


    The best creeking can be found at Richardson Preserve’s marshlands or Sharon Creek at Sharon Woods. Discovery of insects, salamanders, and crawdads is plentiful in the ponds and streams at Miami Whitewater Forest on the Dry Fork Creek or along the Kingfisher Trail at Winton Woods.