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One of the parks’ main attractions is its trails. Our trails include: paved, mountain biking, nature, Parcours and horseback riding.

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Great Parks of Hamilton County provides the opportunity for individuals with mobility disabilities to use their power-driven mobility devices on select trails. For a list of these trails, view the Trail Chart.

For additional accessibility information, visit our ​Accessibility page

Nature Trails

Great Parks has 18 nature trails that take where you can observe natural habitats and the diverse wildlife that reside within them.

General Rules

  • Please stay on the trails and do not disturb plants and wildlife.
  • Dispose of trash in the proper receptacles.
  • Bicycles and horseback riders are not permitted on nature trails.
Shared-Use Trails

The Shaker Trace Trail at Miami Whitewater Forest has a 1.2 mile inner loop with 18 fully accessible fitness stations and an extended 7.8 mile outer loop which weaves through this beautiful park. Both begin and end at the harbor. The entire trail is paved and gently graded with distances marked along the trail at every .2 miles. Along the way, you’ll see restored wetlands and prairie, as well as creek beds and farmland. During the warmer months, a Ranger “courtesy cart” patrols the trail with cold water for thirsty trail users.

There are also paved shared-use trails at Sharon Woods, Francis RecreAcres and Winton Woods.

Bikes can be rented at the Miami Whitewater Forest, Sharon Woods and Winton Wood boathouses.

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Great Parks operates a 1.9 mile segment of the Little Miami Scenic Trail in eastern Hamilton County, starting at the boundary of Avoca Park and terminating at Little Miami Golf Center. The Little Miami Scenic Trail, a component of the Ohio to Erie Trail, is 78 miles long, starting in Springfield, Ohio in Clark County. From there, the trail runs south through Yellow Springs and Xenia in Greene County. Then the trail travels through Corwin, Oregonia, Morrow, Fosters, Loveland, Milford, Terrace Park and ending at the Little Miami Golf Center in Newtown.

The one-mile trail extension that connects the two-mile Otto Armleder Memorial Park and Recreation Complex trail with the five mile Lunken Field Loop completes the second phase of the project. The future plan is for the trail connection to eventually join with the Ohio River Trail and the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

Great Parks of Hamilton County is working with local, state and federal agencies to extend the trail from Little Miami Golf Center to Lunken Field and Otto Armleder Park. At Lunken Field, the Little Miami Scenic Trail will connect to the Ohio River Trail.

Map of Little Miami Scenic Trail

Fitness Trails

All fitness trails have workout stations that exercise each of the major muscle groups.

These trails can found in Embshoff Woods, Sharon Woods, Triple Creek, Winton Woods and Woodland Mound, along with two at Miami Whitewater Forest.

Bicycles are not permitted on fitness trails except for Sharon Woods and the Shaker Trace trail at Miami Whitewater Forest.

Mountain Bike Trail

Located in Mitchell Memorial Forest, the 8-mile trail is the official mountain bike trail in Hamilton County.

The trail has been designed per International Mountain Biking Association standards and includes moderate to steep terrain, several technical features and some sections of more difficult trail.

Cincinnati Off Road Alliance (CORA) is a local mountain biking organization committed to maintaining the trail and other trails in the Cincinnati area.

All trail closures are managed by CORA volunteers and communicated directly to Great Parks of Hamilton County. Closures are communicated to staff through email and to the public through the Great Parks website and social media. CORA volunteers are responsible for closing and locking trail head gates in all three locations and flipping the trail status sign adjacent to the tech booth.

The trail is closed to all users annually from approximately mid-December to early April (weather dependent). The trail is most vulnerable to damage during this time due to the freeze/thaw cycle. If conditions indicate a deep freeze that is sustained throughout the day, the trail may be opened during that time. However, during normal winter conditions, the trail may thaw in the afternoon due to increased temperatures and/or exposure to sunlight, creating poor trail conditions. In this situation, the trail will remain closed to all users.

The trail is closed during all heavy rainfall events regardless of the time of year. Closure is dependent upon the amount and duration of rainfall as well as trail conditions.

When the trail is closed, it is closed to all users including but not limited to mountain bikers, hikers and runners.

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Horse Trails

Winton Woods
A linear horse trail begins and ends at the Winton Woods Riding Center and is open year round. This one way trail measures 2.6 miles.

Miami Whitewater Forest
Shaker Trace Horse Trail is open year round. This circular trail measures 7.8 miles.

The wooded horse trails are open, weather permitting. please review closure policy below. Trail A measures 3.16 miles; trail B measures 2.86 miles; trail C measures 1.45 miles for a total of 7.47 miles. Parking for the wooded horse trail system is located off West Road beyond the Bluebird Glen Shelter.

For safety reasons, hiking is not permitted on horse trails.

Trail Rules
​Per the rain gauge at the Miami Whitewater Forest maintenance building, closing of the wooded horse trails will be considered when it rains a minimum of 0.5” in 24 hours.

Trail conditions will be inspected by a Miami Whitewater Forest Operations employee on a section of the trail near Timberlakes Drive, adjacent to the High Plains shelter.

Once the trail conditions have been confirmed to not be suitable for riding, all wooded horse trails will be closed for a minimum of three days.

After three days with no significant additional rain or precipitation, Miami Whitewater Forest Operations will verify trail conditions for potential opening or continued closing.

The wooded horse trails will be closed annually during the winter wet weather season from the Monday after Thanksgiving to the first Monday in March. The trails will be reopened annually from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day if riding conditions are suitable.

Trail closure status will be posted on park conditions page and updated only when the status has changed. The phone number to call for wooded horse trail closing information is 513-728-3551, ext. 332.

Riding on wet trails creates low spots which hold water on the trail and softens the soil resulting in extensive damage. Keeping the trails closed during the wet season will allow the trails to heal and prevent further damage.

Partnering with community support through trail reconstruction projects and ongoing trail maintenance, Great Parks of Hamilton County’s long term goal for the Miami Whitewater Forest Wooded Horse Trails is to create sustainable, all weather trails that are open year round.

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