Great Parks of Hamilton County

Nature Quest

Become a master naturalist! Take part in the Nature Quest challenge, where you can earn badges and help Great Parks nature interpreters discover what wildlife and organisms are found in Ohio. Identify a group of 10 organisms in the same class to earn a badge. If you collect 10 badges, you will earn the master naturalist trophy.

Using the Seek by iNaturalist app, take photos of wildlife, plants and fungi you see in a park, your neighborhood or your backyard. Email us a screenshot of the Seek app showing how many organisms you’ve found. We’ll send you a link to purchase your Nature Quest badges. Each badge is $2.99, including shipping.

Check back here for announcements, including special and limited edition badges.

Want to go above and beyond the Nature Quest challenge? You don’t have to stop at 10 photos of each organism! For every 10 more creatures you discover, email us with your master naturalist nickname and we’ll add you to our leaderboard.

Great Parks of Hamilton County and Nature Quest are not affiliated with Seek, iNaturalist, the California Academy of Sciences or the National Geographic Society.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How much do badges cost?
    $2.99, including shipping.

    What if I don’t want to buy badges?
    You don’t have to buy badges. You can have fun by discovering nature on your own. Help us know more about local flora and fauna by sending us your observations.

    I can’t use the app but I still want to take part in the Nature Quest challenge. What do I do?
    Email us screenshots or photos of your 10 identified organisms to receive the link to buy your badges.

    How can I get a special badge?
    Check back to this webpage or follow us on social media for ways to earn special badges during select themed programs and events.

    How does this help Great Parks?
    If you find and identify creatures in Great Parks, it helps us know more about how native plants and animals survive in Hamilton County. Email us which park where you found each organism and we can include the information in our nature displays.