A Great Park

Werk Road Property

The newest Great Park was acquired in August 2021. Located in Westwood, the Werk Road Property is a unique urban greenspace.

The site of the former Gamble estate, this 22-acre park with an ample tree canopy and a walnut grove is a reprieve from the busy outside world.

  • Address:
  • 2918 Werk Road
  • Cincinnati, OH 45211

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No parking available.

  • Closest Transit Stops:
  • Metro Rt. 6:
    10-minute walk from Queen City Ave and Ferguson Road

  • Metro Rt. 21:
    7-minute walk from Harrison Ave and Werk Road

  • Metro Rt. 51:
    16-minute walk from Montana Ave and Epworth Ave

  • Hours:
  • Park open daily from dawn until dusk.

  • Phone: 

Upcoming Events

  • Park Status

    The park will open to pedestrian access beginning April 1, 2022. 

    The park will be open dawn to dusk, and guests are welcome to walk or hike the property along a mowed path. Bikes are not permitted yet. Dogs are welcome, but must remain on a 6-foot leash at all times. 

    There are no bathrooms or parking available on-site at this time.

  • Project Updates

  • Public Engagement

    Great Parks is excited to include park neighbors, the Westwood community and Hamilton County residents and stakeholders in the planning process for this future park. Planning is expected to begin in summer 2022. 

    Check back here for future opportunities to get involved!

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  • About the Property

    In August 2021, Great Parks purchased the former Gamble Estate in Westwood. We were able to preserve the site by securing a Clean Ohio Conservation grant for 75% of the appraised value, and secure the 25% match through a partial donation of the value from the previous owner, Greenacres Foundation. 

    Great Parks intends to protect the urban greenspace as well as open up the potential for an urban ecology center to serve residents of Westwood and nearby communities and schools. The terms of a grant being used to fund the purchase require the area be used for "passive recreation," meaning the park will be largely preserved in its natural state, utilizing existing structures on the site. 

    The site provides significant ecological value in connecting a patchwork of habitats from the City of Cincinnati’s Mt. Airy Forest, to greenspace along the Mill Creek, south to Great Parks’ Embshoff Woods near the Ohio River. The property has multiple points of access and excellent walkability, being a short distance from Gamble-Nippert YMCA, Westwood Library and five schools such as Westwood Elementary and Dater Montessori, where Great Parks currently presents nature education programming. It is also conveniently located on several Metro bus routes, providing a public transportation option for residents.

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