Dog Parks

Playtime With Your Pup

While most trails and parks are open to you and your canine companions, sometimes it’s nice to have some space for them to run around off the leash. Visit our dog parks to keep your pup active and social! 

Dog Park Policies:

  • • Entry into a dog park is at your own risk.
  • • Keep dogs leashed until inside the fence. Dogs entering must be on 6-ft maximum leash.
  • • Watch your dog. Dogs must be under voice command of an adult at all times.
  • • Be considerate of others. Clean up after yourself and your pet.
  • • Stick with your size. Small dog area is for dogs weighing less than 22 pounds.
  • • Fill all holes. Replace dirt dug up by your dog.
  • • No food or chew treats. Dog and people food can cause dogs to act unexpectedly.
  • • No female dogs in heat. Watch un-neutered males closely for bad behavior.
  • • No aggressive dogs. Remove dog at first sign of aggression.

Upcoming Events

  • Otto Armleder Memorial Park & Recreation Complex

    Within its 305 acres, Otto Armleder Memorial Park includes a 10-acre dog park with areas for large and small breeds, a canine shower, drinking fountains and shade trees. 

    The park also features a 1.0-mile paved trail for walking your dog that connects Otto Armleder’s 1.9-mile loop trail to the Lunken Airfield 5-mile loop trail. 

    A joint venture between the Cincinnati Park Board, Cincinnati Recreation Commission and Great Parks of Hamilton County, Great Parks of Hamilton County maintains the dog park. 

    The Cincinnati Recreation Commission manages the park’s soccer fields and pavilion. For information regarding soccer fields, please call 513-352-4020. 

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  • Simmonds Family Dog Park at Miami Whitewater Forest

    The Simmonds Family Dog Park is the largest public dog park in the Cincinnati region and offers 11 acres of off-leash fun! There are four separate MABLOTZ fields, including an all-season playfield; trees and structures to provide needed shade for canines and their owners; benches strategically located throughout the dog park; dog agility equipment and play zones, as well as a future farm education and animal care facility adjacent to the dog park to be constructed by SPCA Cincinnati.

    This dog park design, construction, and amenities were made possible by Great Parks Forever, Great Parks of Hamilton County, and SPCA Cincinnati.

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