Witness Nature as it Happens

Nature NOW!

The wonders of nature are all around us, but not always on demand!

Nature NOW! is a new series of programming that offers our guests a glimpse into the remarkable spontaneity of natural phenomena. From wildlife encounters to awe-inspiring floral blooms, each experience is as unique as the ecosystems that surround us. Nature NOW! programs are different from other Great Parks programs in that they are entirely dependent on optimal environmental conditions, which cannot always be determined with considerable notice.

For the experience(s) listed below, please fill out the corresponding interest form to receive a 24-hour notice of optimal conditions – at which point a registration link will be sent, along with more specific details.

The Great Amphibian Migration

Every spring, the amphibians are on the move here at Great Parks. If it’s nighttime, over 40°F, and rainy, you might see salamanders, frogs, and toads flock to their breeding waters to lay eggs. Fill out the interest form linked below to receive a 24-hour notice of optimal conditions - along with a registration link and additional details about this annual trek to the breeding grounds. Registration for this program is free.

Please note: submitting an interest form response does not guarantee you a spot in this program. Capacity is limited, and spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Specific location details will only be shared with registered guests to prevent disruption of this natural phenomenon. 

Interest Form