Great Parks of Hamilton County maintains an accessibility policy that provides the opportunity for visitors of various abilities to enjoy our parks, facilities and programs.

Canoe/Kayak Launch

Two accessible canoe/kayak launches, which meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), are located at Miami Whitewater Forest and Winton Woods harbors. Each launch is a floating dock equipped with a “Universally Accessible Transfer System” that allows an unassisted individual with a physical disability to access a canoe or kayak. It consists of a bench that slides over onto a railing system that allows the individual to sit down into a canoe or kayak.


Two universally accessible playgrounds are located at:

The play structures feature a variety of elements for all children of all abilities, including:

  • A rubber safety surface that allows access to all areas of the playground
  • Multiple wide ramps for access with mobility devices
  • A “Power Scape” area of play that encourages physical fitness and coordination
  • An array of bright colors to increase visual stimulation and playable musical instruments to increase auditory function
  • Shade structures for a more enjoyable play experience
  • An increase in accessible play area and play features

Programs & Events

Great Parks will make every effort, with two weeks advance notice, to provide reasonable accommodations so that people with disabilities may participate in special events and educational programs. People with disabilities needing special accommodations for the accessibility of programs should contact Great Parks of Hamilton County at 513-521-7275, Voice/TDD.

Solo Rider Golf Carts

The Solo Rider golf carts are single passenger carts that allow the player to play from tee to green without ever leaving the cart. Great Parks has eight Solo Rider golf carts available at the following golf courses: Meadow Links & Golf Academy, The Mill Course, Little Miami Golf Center, Miami Whitewater Forest Golf Course and The Vineyard Golf Course.

A Solo Rider cart can be reserved by calling the individual course. Players may also schedule a time for a demonstration of the cart to see if it will be a benefit and enable them to play and practice the game of golf. Visit our golf page to contact a course about using a Solo Rider cart.

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All of Great Parks’ paved, asphalt or concrete shared-use trails (except Sharon Woods) are accessible and perfect for wheelchairs, scooters, strollers and anyone with mobility challenges. For a list of these trails, view the Trails page.

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Universal Zero G-Chair Swing Seat

Children of all abilities can play and have fun! The Zero-G Chair is the first accessible swing of its kind to be ergonomically designed for both 25 and 512 age groups. It's sturdy, over-sized locking mechanism makes securing a child safe and easy. Visitors can now use a Zero G-Chair Swing at: Winton Woods, Sharon Woods, Lake Isabella, Woodland Mound, Miami Whitewater Forest, Shawnee Lookout and Embshoff Woods.