Bow Hunting

Great Parks’ mission is to preserve and protect natural resources. 

One threat to the local species and their habitats is the overpopulation of deer. For the past 20 years, we have studied how white-tailed deer impact the parks, and in response to large increases in deer and the severe ecological damage that occurred, we began a Deer Management Program in January of 2003. This management includes continued monitoring of the population, vegetation surveys, culling and a lottery bow hunt, which began in 2005. Since implementing this plan, several years of data have shown more growth and flowering of native plants, as well as a less-visible browse line (Klein & Conover 2010). This plan also benefits the health of deer populations by reducing their competition for food and their risk of transmitting diseases, such as chronic wasting disease. Learn more about participating in the lottery bow hunt and helping our conservation efforts below.

COVID19 update

After much consideration and planning we have decided to change the application process this year. Due to the current risks associated with large gatherings we will not be having in-person qualifications. Instead, we will only accept applications of those who participated in the program during the 2019-2020 season. Packets for hunting areas will be chosen by applicants virtually or via phone during the weekend of qualifications August 1st-2nd. All other applications denied and the fee refunded within 30 days of your email notification of qualification cancelation. Please check your email for further details and instructions.

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