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Otto Armleder Memorial Park Trails

Park Location:5057 Wooster Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45226
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Shared-use Trail

Man-made nesting platforms in this park provide an opportunity and encourage Ospreys to nest in hopes of increasing their population. They prefer an open habitat near water and these “fishing hawks” are often seen soaring along the river in search of their next fish dinner.

You might notice birdhouses all along the trail; these were put in place to provide shelter and encourage our native blue birds to nest. Other bird species, such as the tree swallow, may often be seen making use of the boxes too.

The park is home to many species of birds, including various sparrow and hawk species and even short-eared owls and northern harriers. It offers diverse habitats and therefore attracts all types of wildlife, including more elusive animals, like coyotes and fox.

Trail Length: 1.90 miles

Trail Type: Shared-use

Trail Level: Easy

Armleder-Lunken Connector Trail

This trail connects Otto Armleder Memorial Park & Recreations Complex to the Lunken Playfield.

You will pass through meadows and travel along the Little Miami River before going uphill to connect into the Lunken Trail.

Trail Length: 1.2 miles

Trail Type: Nature

Trail Level: Moderate

Lunken Airport Playfield Trail

The Lunken Airport Playfield Trail is a 5-mile loop around an active municipal airport. Much of this sunny, shared-use trail runs atop a levee that protects the airport from flooding and offers views of planes as they land and take off.

The Lunken Trail is tied into several larger trail networks in the region. On the south side of the airport, it connects into the Ohio River Trail: west to downtown Cincinnati and east into Anderson Township. On the north side, the 1.2-mile Armleder-Lunken Connector Trail takes you to either the 1.9-mile, shared-use trail around Otto Armleder Park or across the river to the 78-mile Little Miami Scenic Trail. A portion of the trail is also part of the Ohio to Erie Trail, which stretches 320 miles from Cincinnati to Cleveland.

Trail Length: 5 miles

Trail Type: Shared Use

Trail Level: Moderate

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