William & Gina Gerwin Garnett

Wildflower Overlook

Roughly 20 years ago, William and Gina Gerwin Garnett took a walk through Winton Woods to see blossoming spring plants. The couple discovered a wooded hillside with a rare blend of colorful native wildflowers in the park. This moment sparked an annual tradition, where the Garnetts would walk this area every year to view the first flowers of spring. This habitat is now preserved for the next generation, thanks to a generous gift from William in memory of Gina.

These spring wildflowers begin to bloom in February, and you can see them in all their splendor throughout the growing season. Take a moment to enjoy the scenery and see what wildflowers you can spy here, at the Garnetts' special place.

Guests can access the William & Gina Gerwin Garnett Wildflower Overlook by heading toward the Locust Dell Picnic Area on Lakeview Drive, just past Winton Woods Campground.

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