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Sharon Woods

As the oldest park, Sharon Woods has a rich history of providing great recreational opportunities like fishing, boating, golfing and hiking.

Sharon Woods is a popular 730-acre park that features a visitor center with exhibits, gift shop and the Adventure Station, an accessible two-story indoor play area for children ages 2-12. The park is a popular spot to exercise outdoors with a 2.6-mile paved multi-purpose trail around the lake, a 1.0-mile fitness trail and the 0.7-mile Gorge nature trail. Reservable areas include the Lakeside Lodge, as well as shelters and picnic areas, with Great Parks Catering available. Children’s celebration packages at Sharon Centre are also available.


11450 Lebanon Road

Sharonville, OH 45241

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  • Hours: 
  • Park open daily from dawn until dusk

Phone: Boathouse: 513-769-4326
Heritage Village Museum: 513-563-9484
Nature's Niche Gifts & Books: 513-563-4513
Pro Shop: 513-769-4325
Sharon Centre: 513-563-4513
Stonewood Banquet Center: 513-769-0624
Great Parks: 513-521-7275

Sharon Woods Activities



If you are looking to rent a row, pedal or pontoon boat, try stand-up paddleboarding or rent a bike for the day, the boathouse is the place to go. Located on 35-acre Sharon Lake, it provides easy access to recreational water activities and a beautiful view of the water.

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Gift Shop


Be sure to stop in Sharon Centre if you are looking for a unique gift for any occasion. This Nature's Niche Gifts & Books is one of the larger shop locations with a wide variety of local and handmade goods.

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Golf Course


As Great Parks' oldest and most popular course, Sharon Woods Golf Course provides challenging play with rolling hills and beautiful views. The classic 18-hole course has been rated four stars by Golf Digest and has award-winning PGA Professionals.

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The harbor area is the hub of the park with a snack bar, large playground, water feature play area for kids and plenty of seating for a fun picnic.

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Heritage Village Museum


The Heritage Village Museum is a recreated 1800s community featuring historic buildings within Sharon Woods. The grounds of Heritage Village are leased by Historic Southwest Ohio (HSO), a non-profit organization dedicated to preservation of 19th century life.

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Sharon Woods is a popular spot to exercise outdoors with a 2.6-mile paved multi-purpose trail around the lake, a 1.0-mile fitness trail and the 0.7-mile Gorge nature trail.

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Adventure Station Indoor Playground

Located in the Sharon Wood’s Sharon Centre, the Adventure Station is a fun and exciting place for children ages 2–12 to play. 

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Visitor Center


Sharon Centre features nature exhibits, live wildlife, a gift shop and an accessible two-story indoor play area for ages 2-12 that is popular during winter or those hot summer days.

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Upcoming Events

  • Agents of Discovery App

    Test your knowledge of nature while exploring Sharon Woods. Agents of Discovery is an educational mobile game with hidden geo-located challenges that can only be solved through observation of the outside world around you. Challenges are located throughout the park! 

    Download the free “Agents of Discovery App” from the App Store and Google Play using free WiFi at the Sharon Centre.

  • What’s with the Lake?

    If you’ve seen a green covering over Sharon Lake, it’s not algae; it’s duckweed, one of the smallest flowering plants in the world. This plant is taking advantage of the nutrients from the sediment at the bottom of the lake.

    What is duckweed? 
    Common duckweed is a vascular plant that is oftentimes mistaken for algae. It isn’t one solid mass either; all of the duckweed floating atop the lake is made up of millions of individual plants. You can see each plant’s leaf floating on the water’s surface, while a simple “rootlet” hangs underwater. An aquatic plant that loves shallow areas of lakes, duckweed takes advantage of the nutrients in the lake sediment give off.

    Why don’t you get rid of it? 
    Common duckweed may be one of the smallest flowering plants in existence, but don’t underestimate it; duckweed can double its biomass in as few as four days. Even if Great Parks were to skim everything off the top of Sharon Lake, it would regrow. We also can’t spray any herbicides over the lake, as Sharon Woods Golf Course is irrigated with lake water, and the herbicides would kill the turf on the golf course.

    Why has the duckweed increased? 
    Other than duckweed growing so rapidly in just a number of days, the reservoir basin at the lake collects sediment and nutrients from the surrounding watershed over the years. Sharon Lake was dredged in the 1980s, but streambank erosion in the watershed has continued to bring sediment in, and fill the lake over the years. The sediment began accumulating at an unanticipated rate, creating more areas of the lake that are shallow. The shallow areas also provide a source of continuous nutrients that fuel duckweed growth. This abundance of nutrients and shallow spots are what duckweed thrives on.

    What’s the solution? 
    Dredging Sharon Lake is the only long-term solution. For more information, please read our feasibility study.

    If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact our Chief of Conservation and Parks, Bret Henninger or Director of Natural Resources, Jessica Spencer, via email or by phone at 513-521-7275. 

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